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Our Story

The name UNIALL came from the idea to unite an entire team of partners involved in the sourcing and production of a product to meet the end market, thus to cut all the middlemen and offer the best value for money to the customers.

So simply, it is ” You and I, All United for a better world”.

When it comes to badminton, it puts this theory into practice. Badminton players and clubs in the UK have long had less choices on the shuttlecocks. They either just go for the big brands which they assume that cant go wrong, or just use what other clubs or so called top players’ recommendation.

Marvin, one of the founders of UNIALL has been playing badminton for more than 20 years. He had been approached by many players and clubs for badminton products, particularly shuttecocks. He started to look into this field back in 2016 and spent two years to visit the major shuttecock factories in China and get shuttles tested by various clubs and the professional coaches. After long time comparison and testing, we finally decided to work with the partner factory who has long experience in making those big brands on the market.

Our factory has the control on both raw material (feathers) and the shuttlecork manufacturing. The feathers as raw material were cold washed only to ensure the feather structure/composition un damaged, to give the enhanced durability. Computerised production line is applied to maximise the accuracy and consistency.

We have since launched a full range of shuttlecocks from the basic for beginners to the very top grade for professional players. UNIALL shuttles have been approved by most of the leagues and are widely used by players and clubs for league matches and club play around the UK. From May 2019, UNIALL shuttlcorks have also been introduced to the clubs in Suzhou China where has a large population of badminton clubs and players.

The latest addition to our products are badminton apparels (logo/name priting service), rackets, grips and grommets.