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About Us

The name UNIALL came from the idea to unite an entire team of partners involved in the sourcing and production of a product to meet the needs of the sports market, cutting out the middlemen to offer the best value for money to our customers.

So simply, it is ” You and I, All United for Better”.

When it comes to badminton, UNIALL puts this theory into practice. Badminton players and clubs in the UK have long had less choices with the brands of shuttlecock available to buy. They either just go for the known brands or whatever others have been using which may not be the good choice.

The founder of UNIALL has been playing badminton for over 20 years and in the past had been approached by many players and clubs for badminton products, in particular the shuttlecocks. We started to look into this in 2016 and spent two years visiting major shuttlecock factories in China and have had shuttlecocks tested by a variety of clubs and professional coaches. After comparing and testing numerous shuttlecocks, we finally decided to work with a partner factory who has long experience in making shuttlecocks for the wellknown big brands.

Our factory has the control on both the raw material (feathers) and the shuttlecock manufacturing process. The feathers are cold washed only to ensure the feather structure/composition remains un-damaged, which gives the shuttlecock enhanced durability. A computerised production line is used to maximise the accuracy and consistency of each shuttlecock produced.

We have since launched a full range of shuttlecocks from a basic grade shuttlecock, ideal for beginners to a top grade suitable for professional play. UNIALL shuttlecocks have been approved by most of the leagues and are widely used by players and clubs for matches and club nights around the UK. Since May 2019, UNIALL shuttlecocks have also been used by the Chinese clubs in Suzhou and Nanning where badminton is the popular grassroot sports.


The latest addition to our products are badminton apparels (logo/name printing service), rackets, grips and grommets.


Watch the video about how our shuttlecocks are being made